0402b85“Rose has always had her finger on the pulse of “social media,” years before the term was even coined. Her excellent record as a newspaper reporter and editor for more than two decades has afforded her the skills and knowledge necessary to help businesses large and small achieve an edge in an ever competitive market, to help drive the culture of any and all organizations.” – Rochelle Kaplan, author, journalist and recruiter



3dda648“Rose’s knowledge and experience in the modern and ever changing media world is a great assist to a small business trying to maximize marketing opportunities with its limited resources.” – Jason Schwyn, manufacturing engineer at Cassavant Machining Inc.




AAEAAQAAAAAAAAY9AAAAJGU3YWFiYWI1LTk2YjgtNGFkNS1hOGUzLWQyZjYyYzllOThiNw“Rose is an amazing content writer. She grasped our business concept immediately and crafted a content schedule and wrote articles to generate interest in our company. Her research is impeccable. I cannot recommend her enough.” – Robert Cerrone, COO of Phoenix PR & Marketing



Mike Zapler photographed Jan. 14, 2015 in Arlington, VA. (John Shinkle/Politico) “I worked with Rose for several years and found her to be a talented, well-rounded editor. She’s both a good line editor — making sure there are no holes in logic, catching grammatical mistakes, helping a story flow from one point to the next — and an approachable and thoughtful person with whom to talk through your ideas. She is not overly heavyhanded in rewriting copy, but knows how and when to intervene to make a story better. She also is very organized in planning coverage, an underrated trait in the editing ranks. I would highly recommend her.” – Michael Zapler, Senior Congressional Editor at POLITICO



“Rose Tring from AZ Media Maven is a dynamic explorer of all things possible. With her expertise as an editor and vast connections to media outlets, my book ,WISHES TO DIE FOR, was bound to be in good hands.” – Kevin Haselhorst, author





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