Social media should help you reach your business objectives. Having an online presence is no longer the goal, so forget counting the number of likes and shares, retweets and followers. AZ Media Maven’s team of experts will show you how to build an audience of loyal, engaged clients, which is more valuable. Think quality over quantity when it comes to social media.

We believe in a customized social media approach

We will work closely with you to understand all aspects of your business to provide you with comprehensive social media strategy that meshes with your company’s specific goals, objectives, and audiences. Then, we execute the plan to give you a prominent social media presence that aligns with those targets.

Whether you’re looking to run a social media campaign in the short term or need a long-term roadmap for engaging a number of audiences across a range of social channels, AZ Media Maven can help. We’ll dial in on what to say, to whom you should say it, and how often you can say it without driving them mad. We also will help you do what social media is intended to do: Bring people closer and keep them coming back for more.

Our social media services

  • Custom social media strategy geared to your audience and your budget
  • Management of business profiles across all channels
  • Consistent and engaging posts tailored in voice, color, and style to YOUR brand
  • Custom analytical reporting
  • Engagement across platforms on behalf of your business
  • Monitoring of customer reviews across all online platforms
  • Management of your social media advertising.
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