Creators vs Managers. On the left there is someone in front of cameras and lights filming content and on the left a person is typing on a keyboard, posting contetn to socail media pages.

Content Creation vs. Social Media Management

In today’s world, social media captures our attention daily. From connecting with friends and family to promoting businesses and products, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have made a significant impact. For small business owners who want to maximize social media for their company, there are many factors to consider such as…

AZ Media Maven offers 6 savvy marketing tips for small business owners.

How to set 6 savvy marketing goals for your small business

Marketing is perhaps the most misunderstood and often most overlooked element of running a business. Why is this? Because—unless you run a marketing business—it is difficult to know and understand all the nuances that go into marketing a small business. Chances are, you opened a restaurant, health practice, auto repair shop, doggie day care, or…

Iluustration with bsackground shows letters SEO in large area on notebookpaper. Gears, lightbulb and other illustrations go acreoss the bottom.

Maximize your online presence through effective search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a marketing term that you most likely have heard many times over the years. If you’re confused about how search engine optimization affects you as a small business owner, we’re here to explain what the buzz is all about. SEO originated after the launch of the internet and businesses began creating…

Photo shows the word BRAND in large letters with other words relating to branding include around the main word.

The importance of brand consistency and how to nail it

When you think of your favorite brands, certain images, feelings, and values spring to mind. Consider for a minute the Nike swoop, or the multicolored Google logo—they are recognized immediately worldwide. That’s the end result of successful brand consistency. Building brand consistency When brands are inconsistent, they lose track of their target audience and often…

Photos shows three snapshots of community-based events.

Community Involvement: An important tool for building small businesses

Too often, small business owners say they don’t have enough time or money to give back to their communities. At AZ Media Maven, we believe community involvement is an essential component of building and growing a thriving business. Community involvement connects businesses with their potential customers, builds brand awareness and encourages customer loyalty. It also…