Easing into spring with five social media tips for small business owners and organizations

Here in Phoenix, AZ, the Cactus League is in full bloom with Major League Baseball teams in town for spring training. Media Maven just happens to be managing a Facebook baseball page, too, albeit for a much smaller division: the Laveen Youth Ball Association. Using social media is relatively new for the all-volunteer, nonprofit organization,…

AZ Media Maven says social media strategy and planning are key to avoid getting stuck behind the 8-ball.

Ambivalence in using social media marketing: business owners debate whehter to use or not

Hundreds of marketing companies will tell you that your business cannot possibly succeed without having multiple social media accounts, from Facebook to Vimeo. Social media is the wave of the future, you are told, and companies without social media presence are doomed to failure. Perhaps those are slight exaggerations, but only just a bit unbelievable.…