UncategorizedBuilding your social media presence takes time and persistence.
Building your social media presence takes time and persistence.

Building your social media presence takes time and persistence.

Day 1

Business owner: “I really need a social marketing presence.”

Marketing consultant: “We can make that happen. Let’s start with improving the content on your Facebook page and using Twitter to drive traffic to your Web site and Facebook pages. We will have contests and promotions to increase your brand awareness.”

Day 2

Business owner: “Hey, that video you posted on Facebook looked really great, and I like that you linked to it from our Web site.”

Marketing consultant: “We are glad you’re pleased. We’re just getting started and we have more quality content.”

Day 3:

Business owner: “I didn’t see a lot of people commenting on that video? Why?”

Marketing consultant: “It takes time to build a fan base. Remember when you had just a handful of followers on your Facebook page? It took a while before you had built up relationships with a good number of people.”

Day 4

Business owner: “My biggest competitor has a blog about his great services. Why don’t we have a blog?”

Marketing consultant: “Yes, blogs are a great way to improve search engine optimization and to further widen your brand’s presence. When we discussed our contract, you didn’t think the extra cost would generate a sufficient return.”

Day 5

Business owner: “Great blog post! I am so glad I thought of having you add that to our social media marketing plan.”

Marketing consultant: “Thank you. We will be starting a new “LIKE” campaign next week. We hope to nearly double the number of fans following your page.”

One month, 4 blog posts, 15 Facebook page updates, 30 Tweets and one ad campaign later:

Business owner: “Why aren’t our sales increasing? We’re paying you enough. I am not sure this is going to work out for us.”

Marketing consultant: “It’s only been a month, and building a social media presence takes time.”

And that is the moral of this tale. Social media marketing doesn’t happen overnight. Building your brand awareness and presence takes time, energy and patience.

AZ Media Maven is based in Laveen, AZ, a suburban village in the greater Phoenix area. Owner Rose Tring has 25 years of journalism experience as an editor and writer, many of those years in business news. AZ Media Maven was created to serve other small business owners in learning how to best use social media.

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