AZ Media Maven recommends keeping customers infomred as reopening of Arizona begins. reopen after the pandemic.

3 tips to keep your customers informed as businesses reopen

Reopening  Arizona: Tips for business owners As many businesses prepare to reopen or resume business operations as COVID-19 restrictions ease, small business owners in Arizona and throughout the country are wondering how to go about re-engaging with customers. What should you share with customers and how should you reach out to capture their attention as…

Building your social media presence takes time and persistence.

A marketing consultant’s tale: Why a social media presence doesn’t happen overnight

Day 1 Business owner: “I really need a social marketing presence.” Marketing consultant: “We can make that happen. Let’s start with improving the content on your Facebook page and using Twitter to drive traffic to your Web site and Facebook pages. We will have contests and promotions to increase your brand awareness.” Day 2 Business…